Prof. Dr. Nazeer Ashraf Laghari, the Hon’ble Vice-Chancellor held a meeting with the senior management of the campus and then he was requested to have a round of Al-Tibri Medical College and Hospital. Afterward, the Vice-Chancellor conducted a meeting with the teaching faculty of Al-Tibri Medical College (Basic & Clinical Sciences), Al-Tibri College of Nursing, Isra School of Optometry, and Isra Postgraduate Institute of Ophthalmology in the auditorium of Al-Tibri Medical College, and had detailed interaction with the faculty. The Vice-Chancellor highlighted the worth of teachers in the medical profession and advised the teaching faculty to focus on the quality education to produce best doctors in society and uplift the name and fame of ISRA University and set examples for others to follow. He also emphasized the improvement of hospital services and urged the faculty of clinical sciences to play their due role regarding hospital services for the benefit of masses. The faculty members expressed profound gratitude to the Hon’ble Vice-Chancellor for visiting the campus and his valuable time he spared with them; and after meeting, the senior management and teaching faculty joined him at lunch, which was hosted by the Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Health Sciences) in his honor. And Prof. Dr. Muhammad Saleh Memon honored with his kind presence at lunch as the chief guest. Following the tradition, a ceremony was held where the Vice-Chancellor presented Ajrak and Topi to the honorable chief guest, the Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Health Sciences) presented Ajrak and Topi to the Hon’ble Vice-Chancellor, while Principal, Al-Tibri Medical College presented Ajrak and Topi to Prof. Dr. Abdul Fattah Memon. The Hon’ble Vice-Chancellor conducted meeting with the senior management and administrative officers of campus in the conference room of the medical college; thereafter, he held meeting with the junior and support staff in the auditorium, where he exchanged views with the employees and advised them to work efficiently with dedication for the betterment of the institution. The employees were highly obliged to the Vice-Chancellor for his precious time taken out for the meeting with them, and then employees along-with senior management joined him at lunch. A meeting was held with the Vice-Chancellor in the chair and Prof. Dr. Ghulam Husain Siddiqi, Pro-Vice-Chancellor, Principal, Vice Principal, IIRS, and Additional Registrar in attendance. The Vice-Chancellor presented the Pro-Vice-Chancellor with Ajrak and Topi and he was decorated with the Ajrak and Topi by the Pro-Vice-Chancellor and Principal, IIIS; thereafter he took a round of the institute and inaugurated Dr. Abdul Ghani Kazi PG Lab; then held a meeting with the employees and lunched with them together.