World Health day roundtable conference in Isra University Hyderabad the other day in which speakers belonging to WHO. Government of Sindh Health Department, Medical Professionals and consultants young Medics Para Medics Dentists Nursing Professionals spoke to high light Universal Health coverage for everyone, everywhere the large gathering was told that antibiotics resistant specially for Typhoid where out of 12 antibiotics only Two are effective in which one is injectable carbapenum is very costly and other is azithromycine which is oral and cheaper this may push medical care Fifty years back it was told that twenty years ago more than forty pharmaceutical companies now only six countries making quality antibiotics because profit in antibiotics is less than making other drugs like anti-arthritis and tranquilizers for XDR typhoid which has large numbers of more than 16 hundreds from 2016 to till date some may be carrier and still shading resistant typhoid contaminating food and water universal health coverage if applied XDR typhoid can be controlled first by hand washing with soaps after using toilet and before eating food, boiling of water satisfactory drainage and clean water supply the coming month may has seen more cases in the past hence speedy preventive measures and typhoid TCV vaccination to children between six months and 12 years in Hyderabad and whole province of Sindh be launched by Sindh Government the program was chaired by Dr Sara Salman and co-chaired by Dr Badar Muneer they urged that Universal health coverage requires engaging communities and medical students and health care workers for its success the speaker advised till Doctors will not perform their duties with dedication with high moral spirit the dream of Universal health coverage and sustainable goals will not be achieved Department of community medicine Isra University organized this event a video message of Dr Tredros Adhanom was shown in which UHC was emphasized as way forward of Health for all, as half of the world is not receiving primary health care which includes Pakistan also.

Isra University Hyderabad