Workshop on health education and primary health care was held online Organized by PPHI Baluchistan Institute of Public Health Quetta and Isra University Hyderabad.

Inaugurated by Prof. Dr Abdul Sattar Memon Pro Vice Chancellor.
Speaking to the participant he said PPHI Baluchistan and Sindh is providing affective Primary Health Care services in rural and remote areas, Isra University will help in training awareness and research activities to PPHI. Dr Mukhtiar Zehri Provincial Manager PPHI Baluchistan introduced the participant and the services of PPHI under his organization in the pandemic of Corona health services are continuing but health education is needed everywhere for the better use of health services and more community participation in health related programs.
He stressed on mask wearing as a prevention from Corona virus, for which health education campaign is needed.
Prof. Hussain Bux Kolachi in the first session told the participant that health education is the foundation of health care services at primary secondary and tertiary level we can use mass media but inter personal communication can change behavior favorable to health.
Isra University has worked with Institute of Public Health Quetta since 2014 to teach MPH students and supervise the research thesis IPH Former-Director Prof. AQ Sikandar Riyaz played a great role in Institutional collaboration between IPH, PPHI and Isra University Hyderabad.
Responding to the question Prof. HB Kolachi said health education is process leading to better health and it is evolving field of health delivery system modern technologies like Artificial Intelligence and hand held information tools can be used for fast health education specially COVID-19 SOPs and vaccination developments and their acceptance in the communities.
IT Team of the IPH Quetta led by Mr. Rizwan and Isra IT Team led by Mr. Shahid Junejo, Suhail Murad and AR Korejo coordinated the IT links for the workshop.
32 participants attended this workshop.
Dr Mukhtiar Zehri
Thanked Prof. Nazeer Ashraf Laghari Vice Chancellor Isra University for Cooperation in Academic Workshops.