Studying at Isra


The Student Affairs Office deals with all the matters related to student life on campus other than the academic affairs. It deals with extracurricular and co-curricular activities, student records, discipline and other aspects of student life.

Students are encouraged to participate in extracurricular as well as co-curricular activities. Such participation is intended to stimulate the students and promote their contribution to matters of institutional concern like management of complex issues, conduct of business in an orderly manner, and development of the spirit of teamwork and cooperation.

The directorate of student affairs organizes various activities on a regular basis comprising an annual picnic, speech, debate and quiz competitions along with sports tournaments and computer gaming competitions. The university sponsors and encourages
students for participation in inter-varsity sports competitions.

Student activities are organized by committees / societies / clubs for sports, art and culture, science and technology, debates, literary pursuits and so forth. A member of staff or faculty is assigned to each committee to provide guidance and interface with the University administration. The committees conduct their business within the broad policies of the University. The Student Affairs Office coordinates the activities of the committees.


Isra provides medical consultation services to students at 15% of the cost in outpatient and inpatient departments, excluding the cost of treatment and medicine. Furthermore, the students are also entitled to receive 30% discount on all types of investigations, and 30% discount on admissions as indoor patients in the Isra University Hospital.

Medical examinations and basic immunizations are mandatory for all students who join the Isra University, and must be carried out by the Isra University Hospital. Students are charged separately for these services as per Hospital schedule of fees.