Financial Matters: Fee Packages and Scholarships

The fee packages and schedule of payment of various degree programs are listed faculty-wise according to the nationality and resident status of the concerned students. The fee packages exclude hostel fees, transportation and other dues that may be modified from time to time.

Forfeiting of Fee: Students must note that if, for any reason, they discontinue the studies or if their admission is cancelled for any reason, the deposited fees will be forfeited.

Continuous and Uninterrupted Payment of Fee: A student has to pay full fee package, uninterruptedly over his / her full tenure of studentship in the program registered. This would be the case, irrespective of the fact that he / she fails in an examination, repeats a semester / year or interrupts his / her study that results in extension of the tenure. However, for student of FES&T FCE&MS in case of extension of period beyond the tenure, he / she will be required to pay the normal semester fee, while students of FM&AMS will make annual payment based on the fee package.

Examination Fee: The students of all the Faculties are required to pay fees of RS. 1000 for each semester examination. In case of the examinations that are conducted under the regulatory control of professional bodies like the Pakistan Medical and Dental Council, a lump sum fee of Rs. 3,000 is chargeable per examination, irrespective of the number of subjects in which the student may wish to appear in a regular or supplementary examination conducted in a particular academic year. There is separate examination fee schedule for postgraduate examinations in each course and discipline.

Student Activity and PERN Fee: Each student contributes a sum of RS. 1500 per semester towards student activity fund, and Rs. 1500 per semester for Pakistan Education and Research Network (PERN) connectivity charges.

Refund and Penalty: A student must note that the fees once deposited, in any account, cannot be refunded for any reason.However a student is liable to pay the cost of damage or loss of University property caused by him/her.

Student Categories: A regular Pakistani student, who acquired the entrance qualification while residing in Pakistan, falls in Regular category (Category A). On the other hand a Pakistani student, who acquired the entrance qualification while residing in an overseas country, irrespective of the fact that he/she is presently living in Pakistan, falls in Overseas Pakistani category (Category B). An overseas (foreign) student, irrespective of where he/she acquired the entrance qualification, falls in the Foreign Student category (Category C).


FES&T and FCE&MS: A student repeating course(s) has to pay tuition fee on the basis of RS. 3,000 per credit hour per course or the semester fee, whichever is less. In case of summer session, the student has to pay RS. 3,000 per credit hour per course for repeating or reappearing in a course.


The fee instalments of packages and dues are payable by a bank draft in the name of Isra University drawn on a bank in Hyderabad. The first instalment of the fee is payable within two weeks of issuance of notice for admission. Subsequent instalments must be paid within two weeks of the start of each academic year / semester as the case may be.

Late Fee: The students, who fail to pay the instalments of fee package within the prescribed period, will be required to pay penalty based on the current per day bank rate. The dues inclusive of the penalty is payable until two weeks before the ensuing examination failing which the concerned students will not be allowed to sit in the examinations; and their admission may be cancelled.