The Department of Management Sciences (DMS), Isra University held a vibrant display of innovative final-year projects, showcasing the exceptional talents of its graduating students. Prof. Dr. Ahmed Waliullah Kazi Vice Chancellor, and Prof. Dr. Hameedullah Kazi, Former Chancellor inaugurated the final year BBA business projects’ presentation ceremony at Isra University, Hyderabad where the final year BBA students displayed diverse business ideas with their prototypes. The worthy Vice Chancellor and Former Chancellor visited every stall along with the final year project team comprised of the Chairperson Dr. Kinza Yousfani and the Project coordinator Mr. Safdar Ali Shah and interacted with the students and were mesmerized to see the innovative ideas of students and encouraged them to their hard work. A total of 14 final year projects were presented, each reflecting the culmination of months of hard work, dedication, and creative problem-solving. The projects spanned various disciplines within the field of management sciences, showcasing the versatility of the students and the department’s commitment to fostering a culture of innovation.

Besides, the closing ceremony held at the Asadullah Kazi Auditorium where Vice Chancellor Dr. Ahmed Waliullah Kazi shared his insight and reflections on the showcased final year projects and a valuable piece of advice with the inspiring graduates emphasizing the importance of effective communication in the professional world and suggesting that students learn the art of pitching their ideas succinctly, capturing attention in just a few seconds, and learning to pitch your idea in few seconds in like creating powerful elevator pitch it’s about convey the essence of your project, its significance and its potential impact quickly and compellingly. Further, he added mastering the art of a concise pitch is an invaluable asset that will set you apart in your professional journey. In addition, Former Chancellor, Isra University Prof. Dr. Hameedullah Kazi urged students to carry their ideas forward beyond the academic realm and consider implementing them in practical scenarios.

Additionally, Chairperson Dr. Kinza Yousfani, in her remarks, expressed appreciation for the students’ dedication, commitment, and hard work. She extended gratitude to the guests, faculty, organizers, volunteers, and the participating team.

The event not only served as a platform for the students to exhibit their academic prowess but also facilitated valuable interactions between academic and industry professionals. The event attracted a diverse audience and featured a panel of respected judges who brought their expertise to evaluate the projects. The judging panel comprised Mr. Syed Afzer Hussain, Project Director, Mr. Waqas Bin Azhar from the National Incubation Center Hyderabad, Ms. Shumalia Naz Project Coordinator SMEDA – ITC GRASP, and Mr. Mohammad Nawaz Tunio Assistant Professor in Entrepreneurship from the University of Sufism and Modern Sciences Bhitshah. The judging process, led by the experienced panel, focused on criteria such as creativity, feasibility, and potential impact on the industry. The students had the opportunity to engage with the judges, presenting their projects and defending their ideas with passion and conviction.

Lastly, following an intensive evaluation process, the result was announced the results and positions of the outstanding projects. The atmosphere was charged with excitement as the position holders were recognized for their exceptional efforts and groundbreaking concepts. The Vice Chancellor, Former Chancellor, Chairperson with Project Coordinator distributed the position holder with a Cash prize, shield, and Certificate distribution and certificate to volunteers, supervisors, and participants.