Collectible Drive: Winter 2014-15

Collecting donations and helping humanity by ISWS

To accomplish the first project of this year, the Team of Isra Social Welfare Society Visited a village of homeless people living in tents near Jamshoro. The ISWS team had thereabouts of 120 kilograms of flour , a large quantity of cloth wear items like; Sweater, Jackets, Clothes and other groceries items disturbed in packages among more than 90 people living in the remote area. Simultaneously taking in accordance of need, the packages were disturbed to each family in the village.

These packages carrying the winter items and other groceries items were bought by the students of Isra University under the project “Collectible Drive Winters 2014-2015 with theme called “Lets Share till the Winters are Here”. Such places are usually ignored by our community but Team ISWS can never ignore any hopeless place. Thereafter facing all the difficulties but keeping the spirits high the team completed their arrangements. This was the first event of 2015 by ISWS under its new president Ebbad Qureshi and the new team for the year 2015.