M.Phil (IT)

Master of Philosophy(Information Technology)
Duration- 2 YEARS

Minimum Degree Requirements: The program comprises of a minimum of 48 credits including 9 credits for core courses that cover the major areas of Information Technology, 9 credits from a chosen area of specialization, 3 credits for electives, 3 credits for a special study related to the area of specialization and 24 credits for the thesis which forms the major research component of this program. The minimum qualification for entering this program is a four year bachelor degree or 16 years of education in a related area.

Core 9
Area of Specialization 9
Electives 3
Special Study 3
Thesis 24
Total 48

Course Code


Course Title


Credit Hours

CSCS 699 Thesis 24(0+72)
CSSS 598 Special Study 3(0+9)