Breast Cancer Awareness Walk

Breast Cancer Awareness Walk was conducted by Isra University Hospital Hyderabad in collaboration with the Department of Oncology and the Community Medicine Department on 28 October 2020 from Isra University, Block A, till Isra Hospital Main OPD.Prof. Dr. Nazeer Ashraf Laghari, Vice Chancellor, Isra University was the chief Guest. While taking to the participants, he emphasized on the importance of routine checkup and consultation with the expert immediately in case of any unusual change in the body. He also informed that breast cancer has become the number one deadliest disease among women in Western World. He also emphasized on following the SOPs to prevent ourselves and our families from Corona Virus.Prof. Dr. Naeem Ahmed Laghari, Head of Oncology Department, informed the audience that out of every 9 women, one woman has to face breast cancer in Pakistan and this number is rising day by day. Self-Examination of breasts is also very important especially when one crosses age of 40.Prof. Dr. Hussain Bux Kolachi, Dean, Department of Community Medicine, also informed the participants some tips regarding prevention. He said that everyone should play his/her role in order to reduce down this disease in Pakistan. It is available in Pakistan and Israel only with greater number.Dr. Sajjad Kazi, Deputy Director, Isra Hospital, informed the participants that the hospital is going to start Mammography Service soon. It will help the women of Hyderabad and surrounding areas in early diagnosis for prevention and treatment and that this will bring down the mortality rate in the region.Prof. Dr. Abdul Sattar Memon, Prof. Dr. Asif Burney, Prof. Dr. Shafi Muhammad Jatoi also